As a Bible teaching and believing church, we believe the Bible to be God’s infallible Word to mankind. The Bible teaches that God is the eternal creator of everything, and exists as three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Although God created everyone, sadly all have disobeyed God and failed to live to the standard that God requires.  God’s message in the Bible makes it clear that we are all guilty without exception and under the judgment of our morally pure Creator as ‘rebels’ against His revealed will. Jesus described the eternal destiny of ‘rebels’ as a place where there will be endless “crying and grinding of teeth”.

It’s a frightening prospect!


But there is good news! God sent Jesus to solve this impossibly great problem for us. The Bible tells us that Jesus, as the eternal Son of God, is the only person who ever lived His life in a way that pleases God - being totally ‘without sin’.  Nevertheless, He willingly and deliberately chose to offer Himself in our place, by bearing totally the punishment for our sin when He was crucified for us. His sacrifice was totally acceptable to God as the punishment for the sin of all who have ever lived.


There is however only one way to benefit from God’s gracious solution. We have to rely completely on what Jesus has done without claiming any merit for ourselves. A drowning man must trust the lifesaver to be saved. If by the mercy of God we give up relying on our own efforts and rely instead on the sacrificial payment of Jesus at the cross, we exercise what the Bible calls ‘faith’. As we do this, God brings us into a happy relationship with Him and gives us a new nature with new priorities. All this at Jesus’ cost. We then belong to Him.


For further information about what we believe, see our Statement of Faith.




Cartwright Gospel Chapel is part of an affiliation of independent Christian Churches known as Christian Community Churches of Australia (CCAUST). Such churches were previously known as ‘Christian or Open Brethren’. 


Our church is made up of members from various walks of life, age groups and various ethinicity. The church encourages and shares an environment of love and care for its members and the community we are surrounded by.




In the mid 1960’s an elderly couple, Mr & Mrs Rolfe and their son Tim had the heartfelt conviction to commence a church in the suburb of Cartwright that was part of a large newly developed public housing estate located west of Liverpool. 


Around that time, another family, Alan & Esme Murray, moved into the area with their family. So, together with a small number of other families, the Rolfe’s and Murray’s commenced a small church in 1966 known as Cartwright Gospel Chapel which continues to this day.





Following the New Testament model, the leadership of the church does not reside in one person but rather in a small group of men known as Elders. They are currently -


  • Theophil Bobby

  • Steve Riethmuller 

cartwright gospel chapel