cartwright gospel chapel



What about the music?


There is a music team comprised of a small number of musicians and singers to lead in congregational singing.  We try to have a reasonable balance in music styles that include both contemporary Christian songs as well as the more traditional hymns.


What’s available for my kids?


During our service there is a small Sunday School known as ‘Childrens Church’ which is available for primary aged children. There the children participate in crafts, activities and are taught from the Bible. 


Will I be asked to give money?


You will not be expected or asked to give any money to the church.  There will however be an offering bag passed around towards the end of the service where the church’s recognised members are given the opportunity, if they wish, to contribute towards the church’s expenses and support of other Christian activities.




We understand that going into a new church can be difficult.  But you need not be concerned since we want you to feel comfortable and very welcome.


You may have questions about what to wear to church, the message, music style, etc.  A few of your questions may be answered below.



How should I dress?


We are a multicultural church and as a result those attending come in a variety of dress styles, with most dressed very casually. So please “come as you are”.


What will the church service involve?


Typically we sing some songs, pray, worship and focus on Jesus Christ by sharing in the Lord’s Supper (also known as ‘Communion’) and have a message from the Bible.


What are the messages like?


Since we passionately believe the Bible to be the Word of God, you will find that the messages will be focused on explaining what God is saying in the Bible.  Some messages will be topical, but most will be focused on a particular section of the Bible and last for about 25-30 minutes.

cartwright gospel chapel